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French-Greek Law Office

Areas of specialization

We specialize in the following areas:

Areas of specialization

Real Estate Law

Jessica Léger’s Law Office is proud to have successfully represented international clients (natural and legal persons) in relation to real estate or the purchase of a real estate in Greece for commercial or domestic use.

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Our services include


Preliminary tasks such as the issuance of TIN number in Greece for foreigners, and the drawing up of a power of attorney for their representation in all procedures.


The check of property titles ranging from the discharge of possible mortgages, foreclosures, and debt securities of any kind to the preparation of contracts and their signing before a notary public, the registration of contracts in the land registry, and mortgage maintenance services.


Negotiations with sellers/buyers for finalizing the terms of the transaction, real estate transactions (coordination with banks, opening bank accounts, advice on financial issues).

From representation during any trial to the signing of any contract before a Notary Public.

Real estate construction (construction check, contract, specifications, project supervision in relation to architects and engineers).


Advice on any questions regarding property taxation (VAT and real estate transfer tax, tax monitoring).


Initiation of the procedure for the acquisition of the Golden Visa following the acquisition of a property, the value of which is estimated to exceed 250,000 Euro.

Real estate management services, including, for instance, identification of properties for sale that best meet the investment criteria (for example, type of property, cash available, acceptable location), negotiation with potential sellers, and performing property management tasks such as finding tenants, representation of the client in lease agreements, assuming the responsibility for rent collection from tenants, transactions in value deposits, responsibility for care and any repairs, termination of lease agreements, etc.

Areas of specialization

Legal translations

Areas of specialization

Legal translations

In the context of the globalization of enterprises, contractual relations are becoming increasingly important, and the rise of transnational agreements leads to a real interweaving of legal systems. The need for quality legal translations is progressively growing.

Professional legal translation is a delicate and more complex task than people think, which must combine:

Deep knowledge of the law


Fluency in source and target languages


Editorial skills that allow the translation of the notions of the source text.

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Areas of specialization

Legal translations

The translation of a contract from English to French, for example, involves the transition from Anglo-Saxon to Roman law and involves adapting the principles of the two systems, which in some cases are quite different. Therefore, the target text should be equivalent and not identical to the source text, especially when each system has its own legal terminology.
T legal translator, therefore, does not simply translate but conducts terminological and comparative legal research, so that his translation aligns perfectly with his target text.
The “localization” of a legal text, its integration into a cultural context, is a key stage of translation.

Ensuring confidentiality:

The translation company must commit to applying absolute confidentiality to the files assigned to it. If the files contain sensitive data, it is best to sign a confidentiality agreement.


The translations must in some cases be certified as exact translations of the French original in order to be accepted by the administration and to bear the Hague Apostille certificate for foreign authorities.

Only qualified certified translators can stamp, and only the Hague Apostille Service can affix the relevant stamp.

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