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Areas of specialization

We specialize in the following areas:

Areas of specialization

Real Estate Law

Jessica Léger’s Law Office is proud to have successfully represented international clients (natural and legal persons) in relation to real estate or the purchase of a real estate in Greece for commercial or domestic use.

Our services include

Preliminary tasks such as the issuance of TIN number in Greece for foreigners, and the drawing up of a power of attorney for their representation in all procedures.
The check of property titles ranging from the discharge of possible mortgages, foreclosures, and debt securities of any kind to the preparation of contracts and their signing before a notary public, the registration of contracts in the land registry, and mortgage maintenance services.
Negotiations with sellers/buyers for finalizing the terms of the transaction, real estate transactions (coordination with banks, opening bank accounts, advice on financial issues).
From representation during any trial to the signing of any contract before a Notary Public.
Real estate construction (construction check, contract, specifications, project supervision in relation to architects and engineers).
Advice on any questions regarding property taxation (VAT and real estate transfer tax, tax monitoring).
Initiation of the procedure for the acquisition of the Golden Visa following the acquisition of a property, the value of which is estimated to exceed 250,000 Euro.
Real estate management services, including, for instance, identification of properties for sale that best meet the investment criteria (for example, type of property, cash available, acceptable location), negotiation with potential sellers, and performing property management tasks such as finding tenants, representation of the client in lease agreements, assuming the responsibility for rent collection from tenants, transactions in value deposits, responsibility for care and any repairs, termination of lease agreements, etc.

Areas of specialization

Golden Visa

The Golden Visa program was introduced by Law 4146/2013.

This is not a visa, but a five-year residence permit issued to third-country nationals who buy real estate worth 250,000 Euro or invest between 3 and 100 million Euro in infrastructure projects or Greek companies, creating 150 new jobs.

Third-country nationals belonging to one of the above categories can obtain a residence permit by submitting an application and providing the necessary supporting documents.

In essence, this is a privilege and not an obligation to stay as, according to Greek law, a third-country citizen has no obligation to stay in Greece for a minimum period of time per year, and still has a residence permit even if he has remained only a few days. In Cyprus, on the other hand, holders of such permits must visit the country once every two years without a specific time frame, while in Portugal they must stay in the country for at least 2 weeks every 2 years, in Spain for 6 months a year and in Andorra for 90 days a year.
In addition, for real estate investors, the monetary threshold for buying real estate in Greece is one of the lowest in Europe, and puts Greece in a privileged position over other countries.
More specifically, Malta has a limit between 275,000 and 320,000 Euro, depending on the area where the property to be purchased is located, Latvia 250,000 Euro plus 5% state tax for the purchase of real estate exclusively in Riga, Cyprus 300,000 Euro only for the purchase of new properties, Portugal 350,000 Euro for the purchase of real estate outside Lisbon or 500,000 Euro for the purchase of a real estate in Lisbon, Andorra 400,000 Euro, Spain 500,000 Euro, and Ireland 2,000,000 Euro.

Areas of specialization

Golden Visa

Ill members of the investor’s family can also receive a residence permit:

The spouse
Children of spouses up to the age of 21.
The husband’s close relatives. A separate application is required for each member.
The residence permit of the family members expires or is renewed at the same time with the owner’s permission.
On the other hand, the residence permit does not provide the right of access to any form of work. Only the exercise of economic activity is allowed in the capacity of a shareholder, board member or general manager of the company.
The output of this program has exceeded one billion, and in the future, it is expected to increase even more.

Areas of specialization

Inheritance Law

The company can advise and represent heirs and testators, both in a friendly context and in conflicting (legal) cases arising from the opening of a will.
We support our clients throughout the inheritance process, from the opening of the will to the final settlement, i.e., the division of the inheritance.

In this case, the lawyer becomes the primary contact of the notary public who is responsible for the will to claim the rights and interests of his clients.
Therefore, the company answers all the questions that clients ask about the law of wills or inheritance law, for example, about the rights of heirs who have the property of a surviving spouse or about the consequence and reconstitution of the inheritance of the deceased.
The lawyer can intervene in situations that create hindrances due to the settlement of the will, first in a friendly context and then in court when deemed necessary (appointment of a real estate agent, lawsuit aimed at terminating the possession of inherited property, lawsuit for the invalidity of the will or specifically for division by a court’s decision).
In general, Jessica Léger’s Law Office has full jurisdiction to intervene in all areas of inheritance law, in particular:
Reconstitution of the real cohesion of the deceased’s inheritance (real estate, bank assets, life insurance, etc.) in case of concealment of other heirs,
Heirs ‘rights (reserve / regular and special available quota), in particular heirs’ rights in the presence of a donation to the last living person,
Rights of the surviving spouse
Gifts: donation, will and inheritance, report and reduction of gifts.
Joint management
Appointment of a real estate agent
Misuse of assets that make up the inheritance (concealment of inheritance).
Amicable division / distribution of inheritance / distribution of shares,
Joint legal actions
Life insurance (reference, clearly excessive premiums).

Areas of specialization

Tax Law

With the development of world trade, international bilateral and sometimes multilateral conventions have been multiplied to eliminate the harmful effects of double taxation at the legal or economic level.
It is, therefore, necessary to interpret them carefully, and it is in this context that Jessica Léger’s Law Office intervenes. Indeed, the multitude of sources of international taxation (domestic tax law, tax law of the foreign country concerned) complicates the matter.

tax law word with wooden cubes
The Law Office also advises individuals facing various international tax issues, such as relocation of tax residence, repatriation of assets abroad, etc.
The acquisition of real estate in Greece entails certain tax consequences for their holder, especially of declarative form. The company informs the buyer before purchasing real estate about the annual amount of the property tax (ENFIA). As with any Greek citizen, it is helpful to have the help of an accountant to ensure proper compliance and monitoring of reference obligations. In particular, you should make sure that you have submitted a declaration of acquisition of real estate (E9), something that we can undertake.

Areas of specialization

Contract Law

In a context characterized by the internationalization and dematerialization of business relationships, drawing up contracts requires, more than ever, the experience of real professionals. In addition to the legal act, our lawyers define a real contractual strategy for securing, developing, and strengthening your business relationships in France, Greece, and around the world. Ms. Leger’s Law Office also helps you in the event of a commercial dispute.

The company takes care of everything related to the drawing up of contracts and litigation before the courts.

The types of contracts we process include:
Sales contracts
Disposal contracts, particularly usufruct contracts, sales contracts, commission contracts, second hand property contracts, etc.
IT contracts
Insurance contracts
Non-disclosure Agreement
General Conditions of Sale (GCS) and Purchase (GCP)
Partner agreements
Preference agreements
Guarantee operations
Commercial contracts are the essence of commercial law. Their drawing up and interpretation can be extremely complicated both domestically and internationally. Our company supports its clients in this field and
Undertakes the negotiation and preparation of commercial contracts in French, Greek and English.
Analyses contracts from the point of view of international and national law.
Assists and represents its clients before the courts.
Undertakes the negotiation and preparation of commercial contracts in English, Greek and French.
Analyses contracts from the point of view of international and national law.
Assists and represents its clients before the courts.
In addition, we advise our clients on the choice of disposal and / or sales types and assist them in drawing up commercial contracts, including:
Sales contracts between professionals or for the benefit of individuals
General terms of purchase and general terms of sale, possibly in the context of commercial websites
Disposal contracts, mainly usufruct contracts, dealership contracts, commission contracts, second hand property contracts, etc.
Commercial leases
Contracts for the purchase or sale of business contracts
Contracts for the purchase or sale of corporate securities
And every other commercial document
We draw up the commercial documents that govern the forms of disposal that are maintained in close cooperation with the managers or their legal department. We guarantee, when drawing up these documents, that we will respect the principle of balanced and transparent operation of the markets and the financial protection of consumers, and in particular the rules concerning:
Agreements and abuse of power
Discreet or abusive practices
Special regulations for consumer protection.
We look forward to complying with specific rules regarding consumer law. Contracts for the sale of products or services to consumers are subject to stricter rules than transactions between professionals. Therefore, we ensure that we comply with the specific mandatory requirements when drawing up commercial documents governing the sale to consumers and in particular the rules concerning:
The form of the offer and the mandatory information to be included.
The provisions concerning the selection and the withdrawal period of the offer
The terms of direct sale
Online sales
Credit applications

Areas of specialization

Corporate law

Jessica Léger’s Law Office offers specialized services in corporate law. Our qualified lawyers provide advice and professional assistance according to our clients’ goals both locally and internationally.
In this light, Jessica Léger’s Law Office advises and monitors foreign companies when they settle in Greece, helping them to choose the appropriate type of company as well as in their international planning or establishment in other countries. Joint venture agreements, shareholder agreements and any other agreement that is necessary for the formation or acquisition of share capital are common practices for the company. Similarly, the company monitors and advises local companies in their operation in Greece and internationally in terms of corporate law for each type of service, the creation, restructuring, acquisition, merger, and acquisition of domestic or cross-border companies.

Corporate law affects both natural and legal persons. The choice of a company’s legal form has consequences for the director, especially in terms of his social status.
When a partner decides to sell his shares, he will need to evaluate them and enter into a transaction according to the transfer’s nature.
The lifetime of a company should also meet certain legal requirements: approval of the annual balance sheets, updating of the articles of association in case of amendments, a decision on the continuation of the operation in case of significant losses of equity.
All these questions should be treated with rigor, seriousness, and professionalism, something that Jessica Léger’s Law Office offers.

Areas of specialization

Family Law

Our legal team consists of a group of lawyers who specialize in family law in Greece and is committed to providing high-quality legal advice, on:

Financial regulations
Claim for child support allowance
Adoption process
Law on proceedings against spouses who do not pay
Litigation services

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